img_0882“Busy, busy, busy, the bee keeps herself.. “
From way before breakfast, until after diner time my legs, brain and life is ‚moving‘! As soon as I have my skies on, the air is freezing cold & crystals are flying, storms are blowing us of the mountain or we’re welcomed by the mountains, with a fresh pack of snow… I can not stop smiling.  It has all been worth it, all those years of hard work & struggle, injuries, snow-dances, insecurities… This is my life up here and I wouldn’t want to live it differently!
On the 15th of October 2016 my ski-season started. What a start we had! WoW

After the extremely dry and warm preseasons in the last few years, this was a huge gift & energy boost! Feeling strong ( but as always, a bit wobbly 😉 ) from the first turn on. Fitness test result: Top !  Amazing winterstart throwing us into the deepest winter-scenery, extreme colds (long lasting) & with proper amounts of snowfall opening up real skiing options all around, early season!  Wishes do come true!
I worked hard to get myself back on track, after fighting extreme health issues since 2013, with severe social, financial, physical & psychological consequences as my body has been refusing.. I haven’t been able to work or ski or live properly for a long time, but that has changed again!  I can honestly smile as I feel true happiness again!  (Thanks to EVERYONE who supported me! )
It’s a closing up that Chapter & and starting a new Chapter !
pic.: Sjoerd Remmelink
The New Chapter: Can’t wait to tell you all about it…  But I have to go shopping now so I can cook a meal…  dsc_4586
Pic.: Alexander Pillgruber

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