It’s been a great while since I wrote a blog.. well here it comes! I will update you in big lines, about all that happened over the last weeks.
It’s been a long ‚wait‘ for snow again. We’ve enjoyed beautiful, sunny but cold days … for weeks .. Not a single natural snowflake managed to grow and please us. I really started to like the artificial snow that the skiareas managed to produce. Really, they did such a fine job, we have had amazing skiing.. (I just had to keep reminding myself not to jump over a edge into the ‚off-piste‘.)

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Pics.: Alexander Pillgruber
I have been busy since my winterseason started (on the 15th. Oct. 16) .. : Working on ski’s & giving lectures, guest communication & Social media, foto-shooting & video-editing, meeting all the ‚winteraddicts‘ arriving back for the season, getting my own training in & throwing my household..  and on and on…  24 hrs. a day are just not enough.

One of the highlights of my Autumn ski-work, has been my Snowminds group. Snowminds is an Danish/Dutch organization which provides a 5 weeks-skiinstructor-preparation course. This intense training course has been superb! Not only the organization itself has been fantastic, I applaud my kandidates for their enthusiasm, concentration & talent and at the end a 100% positive result after the exams of the official SBSSV Anwärter Ski-instructor course.  Of course that makes me a proud Trainer !!
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December was a very sunny month, waiting for the snow. Sunshine does invite to go out up the mountain, so we made the best out of our days. Lot’s of skiing, some hiking, Snowdancing, Christmas BBQ + Bonfire… and working on my winterbusiness..  It was hard to stay patient.
Not just because I wanted snow.. everybody wanted & needed snow! Over 100 participants of our KaPow Freeride opening, middle of December, were snow eager. Oh well, ski’s turned out to be repairable and we just made the best out of the situation! And we succeeded again! So many big smiles and stories full of stoke, everyone seemed to have had a fantastic time

Pics.: Michiel Rotgans



2017 ,  looking so promising on the weather-maps! Couldn’t wait! 

Traditionally I take the first lift up on the 1st. of January.. all alone 😀
After my ‚private-01.01.2017-runs‘ I met up with my Kids for 4 days of the ‚Kids-Experience-Safari‘. We had it all! Sun, Wind, SNOW (!) , great skiing in Kaprun-Zell am See and Saalbach & a lot of fun! What a start of 2017!

Finally the snow has arrived in Salzburgerland – Austria ! It came with a massive storm, extreme low temperatures and in a big amount! Visibility wasn’t good either, so conditions made us stay near or in the trees with mellow terrain.  #sometimesyoueatsnow #allgood but #brokenhelmet because a #treetrunkneedsmoresnow , which is on it’s way though!
Well this first vid. might make you smile 🙂  I personally like the second video a bit better.. just to get the taste of real winter and some fantastic freeriding in the rest of the season!
My contest season (made possible by Cohesive Synergy) will start as soon as the organization gives the green flag. Due to the lack of snow all around (lack of a snowbase) the first competitions have been postponed already. Lessons in having patience and being flexible, but I should be competing in Verbier upcoming week..
Enjoy the vids. and follow me on Facebook for frequent updates!

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