What a summer.. The day I woke up and knew, I could make the decision to change everything.. Since a few years my thoughts have been going up and down about going different routes. Enough reasons to call it a go and plenty to become indecisive and tons to say ’no‘. The correlation between eldering and anxiety became clearer too, unpleasant but I think we just have to ‚kick ass‘.
After 17 years of having my ‚base‘ in Salzburgerland – Austria, I am now willing to let go and start differently into the next 35 years of my life. A new chapter with my Campervan, me & my dog Bavi, tons of experiences in the tourismbranche and skiing branche, Iam confident that an exciting and fullfilling time will be in front of me. I will have to face hard times and enjoy the good times, 2018 is going to show it.
Part of setting up new will be working on myself, developing new&old talents, meeting new people, discovering new mountains, KeeP MovInG ! cropped-dsc_4585.jpg

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