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Why techniques?

Open terrain, tight, steep, icy slopes and slopes with monstrous bumps, through the woods inbetween the trees, steep passages and wide open terrain on and off the slopes. While skiing you can encounter everything. Taking on the challenge or relaxing, cruising down with big turns, the choices are endless but are determined by your personal skiing techniques.

Technique also determines how much fun and how safe you feel on the mountain. With good techniques you develop more self-confidence and you give yourself the opportunity to take on new challenges in a responsible way. The recipe to fully enjoy the time in which you stand on your skis or snowboard.

During the suggested trainings we will make you master of your own recipe, with a decent dash of salt from BSSKI.

The many Tips and Tricks that you get can always be unpacked afterwards to become more and more master of the relevant ski discipline.


How do you know which training is right for you?

The system is simple, 

Level 1, 2 and 3

  1. Before you can register for Level 1, you have to ask yourself if you can descend a difficult red slope, in short and long turns! If this is not yet the case or if you are unsure, no problem, please contact us and we will discuss the preparatory steps in a personal conversation!
  2. For Level 2 you must have completed Level 1 and have received the OK for the next Level from your trainer. 
  3. Level 3 is for becoming instructors of BSSKI, students who have visited a Level 2 training several times, and the competition skiers with status NOC / NSF


Choose the training that suits you here, or contact us to discuss this with you

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