In Flumserberg – Switzerland. If you are in Zurich, you can reach us in 60 minutes! It’s worth having 3 hours of fun and exercise!!

Meeting point in Flumserberg – Switzerland

You should come to our meetingpoint, fully dressed and ready with your equipment, 10-15 minutes before the start of the training!

You are not bad or good, you are trained or untrained! 


Open terrain, tight, steep, icy slopes and slopes with monstrous bumps, through the woods inbetween the trees, steep passages and wide open terrain on and off the slopes. While skiing you can encounter everything. Taking on the challenge or relaxing, cruising down with big turns, the choices are endless but are determined by your personal skiing techniques.

Technique also determines how much fun and how safe you feel on the mountain. With good techniques you develop more self-confidence and you give yourself the opportunity to take on new challenges in a responsible way. The recipe to fully enjoy the time in which you stand on your skis or snowboard.

During the suggested trainings we will make you master of your own recipe, with a decent dash of salt from BSSKI.

The many Tips & Tricks that you get can always be unpacked afterwards to become more and more master of the relevant ski discipline.

How do you know which training is right for you?

The system is simple,

Step it Up and Masters

Intensity rating:  + = simple , up to  +++ = very tough

  • Before you can register for the Step it Up Classes, you have to ask yourself if you can descend a simple red slope, in short and long turns! Step it Up Classes are accessible from Level Intermediate. The level of difficulty of a Masterclass is displayed with the intensity rating.
  • For the Masters you must have completed the Step it Up Classes and have received the OK for the Masters from your trainer. You are around level advanced. The Masters are also suitable for becoming instructors, students who have visited a Warm Up training or Season Kick off, and the (upcoming) competition skiers with specialism Ski Cross and / or Freeride

Are you unsure, or do you not yet have the level to participate in Masterclasses? no problem, contact us and we will discuss the preparatory steps in a personal conversation!

High level Technique Training, in which we make kilometers, learn a lot, push boundaries & have fun, that’s what we offer you!

First Timer (Beginners)

 – Pre-registration is obligatory at before the start of the courses.

Are you super motivated to learn skiing or snowboarding?! Well.. don’t miss this winter’s opportunity to join our Academy! Grow with us, from beginner to Expert! 

Our First Timer group lessons take place in Flumserberg in December and January.  During this first voyage of discovery you will notice whether you too will get hooked to wintersports. After following the First Timer course you can grow your abillities and confidence by starting  the “Step it Up” Masterclasses, stay at it and you may be eligible to participate in our Masters in a few years! 

 Start your journey in December with BSSKI! (Or would you rather ski with your Private Instructor?)

What happens during your First Timer Course:

You’ll be acquainted with equipment and basic terminology:  Before starting the practical part of the course, the instructor will be explaining for a few minutes, to give you a first understanding of the sport

Practical part of the lesson starts with training to keep balance and ski on the straight. You’ll learn to slow down, to stop in the snowplough position and to use the lift for beginners.

The instructor will teach you to make the snowplough turns to the left and to the right on easy slopes, keeping one’s own speed. You will master the correct stance to improve the quality of skiing. At the end of the course, you should be ready to overpass from a ground for beginners to an easy slope for public skiing.

After every exercise we’ll analyze mistakes and we’ll try to correct  them.

You’ll learn about the phases of turn, and also how to act in each of them. You learn how to control speed, rhythm and turning radius of the snowplough turns depending on situation slope.

Step Up training (Intermediate)

The Step it Up training aimes at an overall  improvement of your skiing. 

Start mastering the perfect stance that is used in carve turns or short turns. Work on the transitions or your Timing. Slide on edges without slipping?

Overpass to more difficult slopes? You will learn to overcome the difficult slope areas using proper techniques. Learn to change the angle of ski edging due to the correct foot pressure.

To evaluate your progress we make videos to analyze.

You’ll constantly receive advices and instruction for further improvement of your skiing technique. 

Follow our masterclasses to concentrate on all the different aspects of skiing and become a better skier! 

Masters (Advanced)

Masters training aimes at an overall perfection of your skiing, become an Expert!

You’ve ‘Stepped it up’ and are ready to move to the next level? Off-Piste Steeps, Powder, Moguls, racecarve.. We know,  that you know what we are talking about! We never finish learning! 

No more difficult slopes? Perfect, we’ll get your heartbeat up again.  We’ll chalenge you and you, concentrate on executing the correct techniques. Challenge after challenge you’ll become your own Master!

To evaluate your progress we make videos to analyze.

You’ll constantly receive advices and instruction for further improvement of your skiing technique. 

Follow our masterclasses to concentrate on all the different aspects of skiing and become a better skier!