Individual or group training!

Whether beginner or advanced, young or old, in the private course you can expect a first basic training based on your previous experience, or even a further training, if you havent been on a snowboard or skis for a few years and would like to start again. The private courses can be booked as individual or group lessons.

Your looking to book professional Ski or Snowboard instructions for all levels? 

Very flexibel, very complete!

Do you prefer to attend classes alone, with friends or with your family? Improve your carving technique, learn new things and modernize your skiing style or do you want to powder?

The private lessons are particularly suitable for adults and children from 6 years. We respond individually to your wishes or those of your child and can organize a lesson or freeride day according to your wishes.

Fun & Safety

Skills such as balance, adjustment, rhythm, combination of movements and responsiveness are trained and we want to consolidate so that you will feel safe in all situations.

For advanced skiers

The big challenge is the optimal technique. The individual interaction between man, equipment and snow must be harmonious and efficient. 

Learn all about ski dynamics, loads, steering pressure and rebound and the dynamic form of skiing can be yours!

For beginners

Step by step we bring you closer to your goal. It’s fun, it’s a workout and the best thing that could have happened to you! Soon you will also be on top of the mountain with your skis! 

We are looking forward to meeting you!