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Moguls Techniques (training BT) 

Buckels skiing is skiing in perfection! Skiing well through the dangerous-looking monsters is part of skiing. We need very active and agile footwork and a central and strong position on skis.

Let’s avoid air shows and belly landings with techniques and thus overcome the large, small, angular and round humps. Those who have mastered buckel skiing will confirm how much fun it is to play with it. Endless different lines can be chosen and even a single track will never be boring. Why 500 km of slopes when there is 1 mogul field? Long turns, short turns and wanted air shows, are you there?

Even the good piste skiers among us have to learn to ski through buckles and have to train this again and again. The accompanying technique makes you a more complete skier. The skill in the buckles offers you great advantages in the unprepared snow. This training is a must for ambitious deep snow skiers and anyone who wants to make a good figure at the end of the day!


As mentioned, active and agile footwork is needed in the buckles, so that we can maintain snow contact with our skis from top to bottom. The individual interaction between man, material and snow is in the foreground.

Constant tempo control, correct turning of skis, timing of leg movements, active stretching and rotational movements. Learn how to feel joy when you are surprised during the descent by these monsters.

Maybe after this training you will also say: I love to ski buckles!  We do that out loud.

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