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What is Freeriding?

Freeriding is skiing in tracked and untracked terrain or near the lifts. The edges, snowlips, rocks, gullies etc. are used as a playground.

Just ride the way you want, at high speeds and with long turns, effortlessly and playfully cruising down the mountain.

Experience the absolute feeling of freedom!

In open terrain (so also right next to the slopes) you need alpine knowledge, the right equipment and its use, riding on sight, orientation, attention to animal and plant life (protected areas) and a perfected ski technique!

All of vital importance!



Freeride can be very easily accessible, lift & ride, shorter tours, small boat pack, and several ‘playgrounds’ have been revealed. Playful, trimmed terrain, tree walks, steeper passages and open fields, endless possibilities and many, yet to be driven, endless meters of height white landscape.

The snow conditions determine the technique!

Depending on the type of snow, the different relief and steering principles can be applied.

Even good skiers have to learn to ski in unprepared snow!

Therefore: Technique is part of the pleasure recipe! Only practice makes perfect and that is why all our freeride offers are especially instructive. Safety always comes first and skiing technique is a very important factor when it comes to our safety.

Avalanche safety also plays an important role, after we are supposed to entrust ourselves with the buddy system, all group members need to know how everything works!

 AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER? Probe? Why avalanches? Choice of routes? Behaviour in the event of an accident?

Freeride guidance with an eye on technique! Training in which we ride many miles, learn a lot, set boundaries and have fun, that’s what BSSKI offers!


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