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Carve Technique (Training CT)

Do you also want to enjoy smooth edged carve turns? 

To do this we need to be able to turn the skis well, from sliding to “cutting” is the goal. 

If we master the long curves, the pace is increased. Movements and positions need to be tuned even better to be able to ski the short turns completely edged. In perfection and with the aim of achieving the highest possible speed whilst turning and the best possible acceleration, we call this race carving. (Training RC)

Skiing edged turns in all radii, a masterpiece! 

Good edging, perfect balance and the use of the steering pressure bring you to ski fast and pure carve turns. 
But how can you edge perfectly? What can I do to improve my alpine skiing position? 

When carving, a solid Alpine ski position is the basis for perfectly skied turns. Learn all about ski dynamics, tensing and relieving interactions, steering pressure and rebound and the dynamic form of skiing is up to you!


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